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Memory and BF2

Check out this quote from an AnandTech article I was just reading:

“Unless you spend a lot of money on your RAM, you can’t get 1GB DDR DIMMs with the same low latencies as 512MB DIMMs. However, dual cores, multitasking, and the latest graphical manifestos in the gaming world can all benefit from more RAM rather than just faster RAM. Personally, I’ll take the 3-5% lower frame rates with up to 33% faster load times in games like Battlefield 2. I can’t see the difference between 60 FPS and 63 FPS, but I can certainly tell the difference between 38 seconds and 63 seconds. (Yes, those are the actual load times for BF2 comparing 2GB to 1GB of RAM.)”

With the group of guys that I play with, that 25 second differential equals about two captured flags. Usually I’m finishing up the capture of the second flag when they spawn into the game. Starting a round two flags in the hole is hard to recover from. When I moved up from1G to 2G, the difference was startling. Start up times were much quicker, and even more importantly, in-game lag almost disappeared entirely. There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a round doing something critical, and having your game start to stutter from network lag. I’m still not sure why having 2G of memory so greatly impacts in-game lag – which is supposed to be caused by network issues or server issues…

So 2G is definitely the way to go… I don’t recommend any less than 1G to people these days. Going forward, I’m going to have to recommend 2G to anyone that’s building their machine for gaming.