Site Facelift has undergone a minimally invasive overhaul. A while back, I upgraded to WordPress 2.0, and today I’ve implemented a couple of WordPress Widgets. Specifically, menubar on the right is now “widget-powered”. The first useful widget I’ve added is the calendar. The calendar not only shows standard calendar junk – days and stuff – it also highlights the days that something was posted. Hover your mouse over a highlighted date for a second, and it’ll give you a popup of the titles of the posts for that day. Slick, huh?

A casualty of this process was the theme (“Almost Spring 1.2”) that I was running. Poor little monkey wasn’t widget compatible. So I bolted on a new theme – the wordpress default one – and here we are. The default one is actually pretty good… maintains the plain, spartan, protestant look that I seem to like. Have you seen my wardrobe? It’s downright puritanical.

Opera 9 Released

What? You don’t use Opera? Huh? Oh, I just can’t believe that someone of your cognitive fortitude is still using IE. Hmm? Oh yeah, here it is:

Yeah, I know you’re really fed up with IE’s security issues. I was too. I just had it one day and decided to give that other browser a try that Chris had been ranting about. I was an instant convert.

I called him immediately to apologize for calling him a software hippie for all those years that he’d been advocating it.

Also, be sure to buy it – after you give it a whirl you’ll quickly realize that they earned it. Say bye-bye to IE and Firefox…

Hey – is that an angel I hear singing??