An Iranian SPARC in the works?

The problem here is that when Iran creates something that’s potentially marketable in Russia or China, that creates trade ties – which make diplomatic actions against the Iranians that much harder to impose (by way of the UN Security Council anyway).

Maybe the Iranians have indeed figured out that their best sheild against international pressure over nuclear issues is by strengthening economic ties with China and Russia. By innovating and putting desirable products into the marketplace, they’re guaranteeing their national security. The good thing here is that innovation is MUCH easier in a free society. Maybe something good will come of this in the end…

So it can be said that Iran’s national security ultimately depends on their society being free from Islamic fascism. Kind of ironic, hmm?

Geek Activism – Required Reading

You might hate RIAA?  Think the iPod is evil?  Is Open Source the answer to all that’s wrong with the world?  Do you look at how TOR works and think, “Hey wait, terrorists could use this!”?  Do you feel defensive when you explain to co-workers that you encrypt your IM sessions?
If you have ever contemplated these kinds of issues, then you really need to get your arms around these:

You do not have to agree with it, but you do have to educate yourself and know why you do or don’t agree with it. Don’t accept arguments given to you by others.


I’m not sure what I think about this just yet:

On one hand, it’ll get nVidia off of their ass to tighten up their chipset drivers.  On the other hand, having CPU vendors tied to vid card makers without there being a solid chipset company in there (ati’s crossfire is still too new for me to consider).

I’m a big fan of the nVidia chipset + AMD… so I hope the relationship there doesn’t get destroyed.  If I lose my nVidia to Intel, I’ll be very unhappy…  The fact that nVidia now has Intel versions of their chipsets doesn’t bode well I think.

Take THAT you bastards!

Have I ever mentioned how much I DESPISE RIAA and the MPAA and their legal efforts against individual *alleged* infringers?  Well here it is – they should be ashamed of themselves and their actions.  Why artists still pay them money is beyond me.

So on that note, here’s one for the little guys:

Now that there’s legal precedent, I wonder how long they’ll keep wasting their client’s money with these lawsuits?

Getting Science Back on Track (the timeline track anyway)

It’s 2006 dammit!  Weren’t we supposed to have stuff like this a long time ago?  Oh – and where’s my frickin’ jet car???

I’m going to spend the rest of the day thinking of the implications of this technology.  Top three industries that come to mind that will be impacted by this:

1) The flower industry.   A picture and a smell?  Works for me.  Happy anniversary, Jen!

2) The perfume industry.  This is the equivalent of the digital camera to Kodak.  New players will evolve from the textile industry that will have adaptive fragrances – clothes that emit a perfume that changes over time or on demand.

3) The automotive industry.  Car starting to smell like feet?  Try this new Honda that’ll have that new car smell FOREVER by sampling the current actual smell and emitting an “adjustment” smell to balance it out and keep that new car smell going.  An added bonus is that this will finally kill the George Heyduke trick of putting sand crabs in your mark’s car (for the uninitiated, they burrow up into the foam under the seat, die, and stink up the car for-evah).

Dang, this post is gonna make me rich from all of the lawsuits I’m gonna file for intellectual property infringement ten years from now!