The Yoggie Pico

This little item just hijacked it’s way to the top of my must have list. They say it’ll be released next month at about $180. Now, just to set the record straight – I’m a security freak, plain and simple. I have more security built into my home network than most of the enterprise networks I come into contact with on a daily basis. Not a little more, much more. Why do I love thee, little Yoggie Pico? Let me count the ways:

– Anti-Spam
– Anti-phishing
– Antispyware
– Antivirus
– Parent control system
– Transparent email proxies (POP3; SMTP)
– Transparent web proxies (HTTP; FTP)
– Intrusion detection system
– Intrusion prevention system
– Firewall
– Adaptive security policy (ok, this is kind of double counting IPS)
– Multi-layer security agent (Patent pending)
– “Layer-8” security engine (Patent pending)

And to top it off – it’s been graced with my other geek passion… speed. This device would be totally unremarkable if it tried to do all of the above using the CPU that I’m simultaneously using to whip your butt with in BF2. Instead, it offloads almost all security-related processes from your PC to it’s own dedicated Intel 520MHz PXA270 processor.

The Pico

Since I pay $30/yr to ESET for my NOD32 subscription, the cost of the annual sub to this guy pays for itself. Since it does AV plus a whole lot more… there’s several other apps I can ditch too.

Now my only question left is this – what can I sell on eBay to rummage up the cash to get myself one? I just sold all of my good stuff to get my 22″ LCD and my 8800GTS. Might have to break down and sell the old Cisco router and switch… don’t really use them anymore anyway.

Memorial Day Weekend

So for the little party we had yesterday, I bought a neat little toy – a BBQ Grillware Vertical Smoker from Lowes. I hickory smoked 2 pork tenderloins, and 2 whole chickens. Marinated all of it for 24 hrs in different stuff. One pork loin and one chicken was done in mojo criollo (bitter orange juice and garlic basically), other loin in mayo+lime juice (excellent flavor, but don’t think it clicked too well with the hickory smoke), and the other chicken in buttermilk and pepper. Buttermilk chicken was liked best by the majority of visitors. Cook time was about 4.5 hours at 200-225F, which took the meat temp up to 170F.

Very interested in trying some different wood and really really want to do a boston butt with a good rub for some pulled pork. Jen’s just interested in seeing how often I use it. I told her that if I used it once a month I’ll be happy.

BBQ Grillware Vertical Smoker

It’s about 4 feet high, and has 4 racks in it. In the bottom there’s a brass burner, then on top of that is a cast iron box that you put your wood chips in. Above that is a bowl that you fill with water. The four racks are above the water. Everything turned out great, and very tender. I was kind of nerveous about doing that much meat my first time out of the gate – that’s a lot of money in meat that I could screw up. It was pretty idiot proof though – I’d say easier than grilling a steak. The reason is that because it takes a lot longer, it’s almost impossible to screw up. I could’ve left it in there for 8 hours and it would’ve been fine – there would’ve just been more “crust” around the outside. There’s a big gap however, in having “good” smoked meat – which is easy – and “great” smoked meat – which is hard.

Got another interesting little item too – it’s a digital thermometer probe like I use with frying, but the probe has an RF transmitter base that it plugs into. You carry the reciever that has the display around with you, so you’re not tied to the grill. Any time you mix grilling and wireless technology, the result is nothing short of beautiful!

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I had to create a whole new category for this one. Did you know that sitting in your car outside of a coffee shop that has unsecured wi-fi access is a felony? This poor bloke (the word “bloke” courtesy of Dave, who’s got me in an English mood after his “rubbish” comment) didn’t know that either.

OK, It kind of makes sense when you think through it though. Let’s say the coffee shop had a table set up out front with a box of oranges on it with a sign that reads “Free oranges for coffee shop customers”. Technically, if you walk up and take an orange without first having bought a cup of coffee, you’re stealing. But a felony??? Come on. My argument would’ve been that I am a coffee shop customer – I bought a cup of coffee there just last week. I’ve spent money there – I’m a customer. It doesn’t say anything about being a customer in the last, oh, twenty minutes or so now does it? I can only come to two conclusions:

1) This guy had an ultra crappy lawyer.
2) I really should’ve gone to law school instead of going into telecom.

This one gets the Bunny Pancake award:

A bunny and a pancake

See? We’re not all quantum computers, overclocking, and Cylons here at!