Seen the newest Chinese Jin-class boomer? Google Earth has…

The Chinese may be really good a building a lot of things, but apparently they’re horrible at building even the most rudimentary dock sheds for their nuclear submarines.

If you have Google Earth installed, here’s the kmz file that gives you the coordinates for the pic that they got from the commercial photo satellite, Quickbird.

Chinese Jin Class Sub

The fish was netted by Hans M. Kristensen and published by him in the Strategic Security Blog, supported by the Federation of American Scientists. Kudos to Mr. Kristensen on his excellent Google Earth find, and shame on the Chinese for being caught so completely off guard.

If this is typical of how they run things, then they are indeed total amateurs and their global power needs to seriously be reconsidered.

BTW, if you’re a BF2 player, this is part of the Dalian complex.

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