The Election is Upon Us

    Signs to look for in the Geek choice for President

11. They offer amnesty to Han Solo for killing Greedo without provocation.
10. They say your administration will work together with the efficiency of the Borg.
9. They have a passing familiarity with the scientific method.
8. They legally change their name to Pedro, so everyone can keep wearing their Vote for Pedro shirts.
7. They avoid the suit and tie look, and go for the T-shirt with pithy saying look.
6. They mention victories in Civilization (or BF2) as part of their experience in international relations.
5. They find ways to quote Holy Grail in their stump speech.
4. They promise to appoint a Klingon in the Department of Defense.
3. They choose Weird Al to create their campaign song.
2. They refuse donations from the RIAA and MPAA.
1. They suggest that they favor Net Neutrality as well as Net Lawful Neutrality and Net Chaotic Neutrality.

OK, some of these things are really nerdy instead of geeky, but I promise not to split hairs if ANY of the candidates does ANY of these.

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