Image Resizer Technology Explained

Until I saw this clip, I never really considered the art of image manipulation all that big of a deal.

My first thought when I saw IRT was this – if the expanding function increased the pixels by inserting an average of the two on either side, what would the image look like after doing an accordion type movement where you successively reduce and enlarge multiple times? If it preserves the image – or could be made to – then I see a huge application for this in cryptology. If the removal algorithm can be subjected to some kind of key exchange, then you’d effectively be able to completely remove sections of an image – or certainly some text – just by typing in a password and then sizing it out of the media.

If you have some basic Photoshop skills, you’ll really appreciate continuous resizing where “images are resized in a non-uniform manner”. Seeing continuous resizing and specifically the weighted energy protection/removal algorithms explained in action is just wicked.

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