The Yellow Drum Machine Robot

This little post almost got me going as much as building the submersible camera bot did last summer. Wondering what the heck it is? Basically:

1) The bot navigates around, collects some data, and avoids obstacles, until it
2) Finds something “worth playing on” (a single isolated object or a wide flat surface that it can find an angle onto)
3) Snakes into place
4) Plays some beats on what it have found, and samples this, checking it has a “good sound”
5) Based on data collected in the area, and sample just made, then compose a little rhythm, and plays this along with the sample

The Yellow Drum Machine Robot

Now, if you don’t think that’s cool – even just a little bit – then there’s absolutely nothing I can do for you. Walk away from the computer now.

My only gripe is that the video clips on the above link only are playable if you use IE to view the URL. GRRR… Another wonderful Internet experience marred by IE bias. Still not nearly enough for me to ever consider switching from Opera!

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